Software Development Presentations

Steve McConnell is a popular keynote speaker and we've provided the slides from his presentations below. Find additional information on Steve's keynote presentations here


The challenges of expanding Scrum implementation from a few teams to organization-wide.

Technical debt, what it is and how to manage it.

The technical, management, business and cultural secrets that make a software organization world class.

How adopting software best practices benefits businesses.

The easiest things that can be done to improve an organization's software development capability.

Presentation identifying the most powerful ideas in software development.

Presentation that contrasts "gold rush" style development with "post-gold rush" style development and argues for preparing now for the next gold rush.

Executive presentation explains software project dynamics by highlighting seven key insights.

Introduction to software engineering economy.

Overview of the most common software estimation challenges and the most "deadly" estimation mistakes.

Observations on 10 years of advances in software construction, including most significant current features of software construction.

Executive presentation that distills success at the software project level into 10 key factors.