Use cases are a powerful technique for gathering, organizing and verifying users' business-systems requirements. In this two-day seminar, leading software expert Meilir Page-Jones will show you what use cases are and how to use them to understand, model and validate user requirements quickly and precisely. He will explain how to distinguish a good use case from a bad one. He will delve into the highly effective technique of business-event modeling and explain how a thorough understanding of business events simplifies creating sound use cases. 2-day seminar


Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of use cases. They will learn the full benefits of use cases including requirements gathering, user-interface prototyping and design, system-architecture design, detailed software design, programming and testing. Attendees will learn practical ways to define use cases both distinctly and succinctly. They will practice designing and developing use cases. And they will have ample opportunities to discuss their specific use-case questions with the instructor.

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be useful to requirements analysts, users, system designers and project-team leaders and managers.


All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Basic Use Cases

  • Definition of use case?
  • The system in the business context
  • Whose business reality is it, anyway?
  • Actors, people, jobs and roles: How do they interrelate?
  • Three forms of use-case goals

Practical Tips for Developing Use Cases

  • Five ways to organize a use-case list: Which one is best?
  • How use cases relate to one another
  • Defining use cases
  • The dimensionality of events and use cases
  • Use-case preconditions and postconditions
  • Defining and documenting use cases

Applying the Strength of Business Events to Your Software Projects

  • Five criteria for a legitimate business event
  • Event detectors versus event reporters
  • Four kinds of business events
  • How business events yield use cases

Realizing the Project-Wide Benefits of Use Cases

  • How to make the most of use cases throughout the project
  • Use cases and the class/data model
  • Using use cases to model the user interface
  • Using use cases to analyze response time and distributed system architectures
  • Designing, programming, testing, delivering and managing via use cases

Meilir Page-Jones

Meilir Page-Jones is the award-winning author of Practical Project Management (1985), The Practical Guide to Structured Systems Design (1988), What Every Programmer ...