A successful implementation of Scrum isn’t always enough. If your organization is asking for a commitment to project scope and schedule, you need to be capable of planning releases effectively. This seminar includes state-of-the-art methods and practices for planning Scrum projects that will allow the team to confidently forecast project completions with accuracy. The real-world practices presented in this seminar support both single and multi-team projects. They have been proven on the ground through extensive use by Construx’s clients.

2 day seminar


  • Scrum project planning strategies
  • Agile requirements
  • Story mapping
  • Agile estimation
  • Scrum release plan
  • Tracking release progress


You'll learn to:

  • Set a clear vision that guides the release
  • Identify –and track progress towards—a minimum viable product
  • Anticipate and plan for technical and cross-team dependencies
  • Create and estimate a release backlog
  • Establish the plan for what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, and how much it will cost
  • Provide accurate visibility of progress of the plan
  • Establish working agreements to ensure quality consistency and improve team coordination

Who Should Attend

This class assumes familiarity with Scrum and with Agile in general. It is designed for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Managers, Leads, and Development Team Members who need to make project/release commitments.



All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Envisioning: The Foundation for Planning

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Creating an effective product vision
  • Creating a release vision

Creating a High Quality Product Backlog

  • Understanding and prioritizing users
  • Defining types and levels of requirements
  • Creating good user stories and acceptance criteria

Identifying the Release Backlog

  • Prioritizing the product backlog
  • Refining the Product Backlog for release planning
  • Finding the minimal viable solution/product
  • Using story mapping to clarify the solution

Agile Estimation

  • Agile estimation concepts
  • Defining “done”
  • Story point estimation principles
  • Using affinity estimation
  • Establishing a velocity baseline

Release Planning

  • Backlog sequencing strategies
  • Release planning principles
  • Project staffing and budgeting
  • Creating a project schedule
  • Creating a budget
  • Leading a release planning workshop

Tracking and Forecasting

  • Using burndown and burnup charts to assess progress against the plan
  • Forecasting project completion
  • Using metrics to track progress
  • Tracking progress towards the MVP

Jenny Stuart

Jenny Stuart, PSM, SPC, CSDP, is the Vice President of Consulting at Construx Software, where she gives clients the benefit of her 20 years experience in software ...

Melvin Perez-Cedano

Melvin Pérez-Cedano is a Senior Fellow at Construx Software where he provides training and consulting services that help organizations and individuals to successfully ...