"Return on Software", Steve Tockey's New Book, Helping You Maximize the Return on Your Software Investment

Return on Software, Steve Tockey's New Book, Helping You Maximize the Return on Your Software Investment


Bellevue, WA - August 18, 2004 - Maximizing the return of a software organization’s investment of money, time, and manpower is the theme of Steve Tockey’s new book, Return on Software. Published by Addison Wesley Professional, the book is designed to help software professionals better understand the business consequences of their technical choices. "This book will help you determine how much each possible software solution will cost, analyze how much (or even if) a software solution will generate income or reduce operating expenses, and weigh the time frames for a software solution’s costs and benefits against each other to reveal when schedule isn't king," notes Tockey. "In addition, it will help you attach value to quality and thereby testing, as well as helping you make technical decisions while surrounded by risk and uncertainty, such as when considering new technology."

Steve McConnell, president and CEO of Construx Software as well as author of the four highly acclaimed books including Code Complete, Rapid Development, and Software Project Survival Guide says, "This pioneering book highlights critical, overlooked skills needed by true software professionals."

In the foreword Meilir Page-Jones writes, "Much has been written over the decades on the what and the how of software. This book is about the why of software. Clearly knowing the why will illuminate decisions on the what and the how."

Tockey further explains, "Economics should play a critical role in all software choices -- from testing and development process to algorithms and data structures. As such, this primer on engineering economy will prove a valuable reference for important development decisions both today and down the road. And finally, Return on Software will provide you with a way to communicate your decisions in a way that speaks to the all-important bottom line."

Each chapter contains a set of self-study questions designed to help the reader apply the featured concepts and techniques. An enhanced online index allows readers to quickly and easily search the entire text for specific topics.

More detail about the book can be found at returnonsw/.


Steve Tockey is principal consultant at Construx Software where he consults on active development projects and teaches software requirements, design, quality, and software project management. He has 27 years experience in the software industry on applications ranging from radiation monitoring equipment to business systems to automated test equipment for commercial airlines.

Steve has a Master’s of Software Engineering from Seattle University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the university of California, Berkeley. He is an IEEE Computer Society Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) and designated corporate representative to the Object Management Group (OMG, the source of the UML).


Construx Software is a Bellevue, Washington corporation that provides consulting and training to software companies and specializes in software project solutions and development. For more information about Construx Software services and its best practice seminars, go to www.construx.com.



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