Construx Named One of Washington's Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Construx Named One of Washington's Fastest-Growing Private Companies


Bellevue, WA - October 15, 2004 - The Puget Sound Business Journal has named Construx Software one of Washington's fastest-growing private companies. The index ranked companies by revenue growth over a three-year period, as expressed in percentages, from 2001-2003. Following is an excerpt from Christopher Wilson's article, "Change of heart rewards software firm's founder," published in the October 15th edition of the PSBJ.

Before Steve McConnell founded Bellevue-based Construx in 1996, he knew he had to change.

McConnell spent his 20s at several startups, admittedly viewing each successive position as a way to get rich. Time and again, the companies failed.

After turning 30, McConnell changed his goals. He gave up on the get-rich-quick strategies and instead focused on creating a company with people he enjoyed that would hold his interest in the long run.

His change of heart laid the foundation for one of the Puget Sound's fastest-growing companies. Construx, a software consulting firm, provides software engineering consulting, training, products and custom development.

Since the company was founded eight years ago, Construx has grown to 27 full-time employees and increased its revenues to nearly $4 million. The company is profitable.

Construx's client roster includes AT&T Wireless, The Boeing Company, Microsoft Corp., and even the Los Alamos National Labs.

McConnell is something a a celebrity in the technology industry. Software Development magazine named McConnell one of the three most influential people in the software industry, along with Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds. His first two books on software-development practices won Software Development's Jolt Excellence Award. He is credited with setting the standards that changed the way developers write code, resulting in better and more stable software.

McConnell is an optimist--to the point that he views the dot-com meltdown as a positive experience for his company. He says the tough business climate made Construx work harder to provide the best software engineering and customer service.

"We distinguished ourselves by providing solid engineering and listening to clients' needs and accommodating them, and that's really paying off for us now," McConnell said.

McConnell says that his company's biggest challenge is customer service. Engineers are inwardly focused, and inducing them to be more attentive to customers is a challenge, McConnell said.

Construx also thrives by forging strategic partnerships. In January, the company announced a partnership with DevelopMentor -- a provider of educational software -- in which the companies develop training programs for software-development teams. The programs help teams grasp new technology and reduce the risk in their projects.

Construx is also hosting summits where technology professionals can discuss issues and best practices. The Construx Software-Executive Summit, held in late September in Seattle, provided a forum for McConnell and executives from Microsoft, Amazon, Intel and other companies.

Construx officials envision the company continuing to grow well into the future. Employment at Construx could reach 100, McConnell said. "Growth is still a friend to us," he said, "And I think we'll hit our stride at around four times our current size."


Construx Software is a Bellevue, Washington corporation that provides consulting and training to software companies and specializes in software project solutions and development. For more information about Construx Software services and its best practice seminars, go to



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