Software Project Survival Guide

Resources for Chapter 7: Preliminary Planning

Resources Cited

  • Software Development Plan Template
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  • Figure 7-1. Example Project Home Page
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  • Example Anonymous Feedback Page
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  • Figure 7-2. Proportion of Budget Devoted to Risk Management
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  • Table 7-2. Sample Top 10 Risks List
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  • Sample Risk Management Plan
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  • Risks Checklists
  • Table 7-4. Sample Time Accounting Categories.
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  • Links to Time Accounting Tools. We don't specifically endorse any of the following products, but provide these links for your convenience.
    [TimeSlips]  [BillQuick] [Time Ledger] [Timeless Time & Expense]
  • Survival Check

Related Resources

  • The SEL's Recommended Approach to Software Development (Software Development/Management Plan on pp. 56-57)
  • "How to Defend an Unpopular Schedule", IEEE Software, May 1996
  • "Classic Mistakes", IEEE Software, September 1996
  • "Less is More: Jump-Start Productivity with Small Teams," Software Development, October 1997, pp. 28-34
  • SPC's list of Project Management Resources