Material Types

CxOne materials are documents that support the creation, review, and maintenance of project artifacts. CxOne defines ten types of materials:

Material Types

Standards define taxonomy, processes, policies, knowledge, and/or guidelines for creating artifacts, performing actions, or organizing work.


Checklists define the essential nature of a process, activity, or deliverable.


Templates are generalized starting points for artifacts.


Guides provide information on how to use CxOne materials to create artifacts and may also provide educational background knowledge.


CxOne patterns are a flexible mechanism that captures useful concepts or reusable content in a modular fashion.

Best Practice Descriptions

Best practice descriptions provide summaries of proven software engineering techniques, lifecycles, etc. They provide insight and guidance into selection and deployment of best practices.

Process Flows

Process flows capture dynamic state of processes, workflows, and lifecycles.


Samples are artifacts from previous efforts that provide for insight, education, and reuse. CxOne comes with illustrative samples, but the real power of samples is unleashed by developing an organizational library of reusable artifact samples.


Evaluations integrate CxOne with external tools and methods by providing a summary of how to best use the tool or method as part of your project.


References are pointers to related standards, context, knowledge, or training that is outside of CxOne.