The Earned Value project management technique has been in use for more than 50 years. It has been shown on thousands of projects to be the most objective indicator of real status. This hands-on seminar teaches you everything you need to know to apply earned value in order to successfully manage software projects. This seminar is specifically tailored to applying earned value to software projects. While the basic theory and calculations are identical to generic earned value, the case study used in the seminar is a software project. 

1-day seminar


You'll learn how to plan for, and how to execute and control, software projects through the use of earned value project management techniques. You'll not only be able to understand how the earned value parameters clearly describe the true status of a software project, you'll be able to calculate those parameters on your own.

Who Should Attend

This seminar will be useful to project managers, project leads, and product managers.

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All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Common Challenges that Software Projects Face

  • Why earned value is needed

Basics of Software Project Planning
that Support Earned Value

  • Work breakdown structures (WBS)

Earned Value Measures

  • Planned value (PV)
  • Earned value (EV)
  • Actual cost (AC)
  • Cost variance (CV)
  • Schedule variance (SV)
  • Cost performance index (CPI)
  • Schedule performance index (SPI)
  • Estimate at completion (EAC)
  • Time estimate at completion (EAC(t))
  • Variance at completion (VAC)
  • Estimate to completion (ETC)
  • To complete performance index (TCPI)

Using Earned Value Measures
to Understand Project Performance

Using Earned Value Measures
to Refine the Project Plan

Extensions to Earned Value

  • Schedule variance (TIME) (SV(t))
  • Schedule performance index (TIME) (SPI(t))

Steve Tockey

Steve Tockey is the Principal Consultant at Construx Software. During more than three and a half decades in the software industry, he has worked as a programmer, ...