Software Project Survival Guide

Information Tracked in a Defect Report

  • Defect ID (a number or other unique identifier)
  • Defect description
  • Steps taken to produce the defect
  • Platform information (CPU type, memory, disk space, video card, and so on)
  • Defect’s current status (open or closed)
  • Person who detected the defect
  • Date the defect was detected
  • Severity (based on a numeric scale such as 1-4, or a verbal scale such as cosmetic, serious, critical, and so on)
  • Phase in which the defect was created (requirements, architecture, design, construction, defective test case, and so on)
  • Phase in which the defect was detected (requirements, architecture, design, construction, and so on)
  • Date the defect was corrected
  • Person who corrected the defect
  • Effort (in staff hours) required to correct the defect
  • Work product or products corrected (requirements statement, design diagram, code module, User Manual/Requirements Specification, test case, and so on)
  • Resolution (pending engineering fix, pending engineering review, pending quality assurance verification, corrected, determined not to be a defect, unable to reproduce, and so on)
  • Other notes