CxOne defines a flexible project team structure that provides a champion for each critical software discipline. On larger projects this ensures necessary effort is given to each area. On smaller projects, even when people are wearing multiple hats, the definition of these roles ensures focus is applied to each area.

CxOne Basic

CxOne Project Team Role Summaries


 Project Business Manager Overall project manager, responsible for a successful project outcome. Plays many of the traditional management tasks, but generally delegates engineering issues to the appropriate leads.
 Planning and Tracking Lead Manages the project plan, schedule, and budget. Oversees, coordinates, and tracks progress to planning, estimation, and scheduling. Responsible for status reporting.
 Requirements Lead Owns the system requirements. Oversees the elicitation, analysis, documentation, and management of system requirements. Is responsible for ensuring that the requirements match business goals.
 Design Lead System architect that oversees all design activities on the project.
 Construction Lead Is responsible for ensuring that construction activities are carried out smoothly and efficiently. On projects where deployment is necessary, that is often handled by this lead, or a dedicated deployment lead.
 Quality Lead Creates the quality plan as is responsible for ensuring the project meets its quality goals. Oversees all reviews, test planning, and test execution.
 Software Engineers Instead of a traditional rigid analyst, developer, tester split, each engineer executes based on their capabilities and interests.


Read more about the team structure in the CxOne project management standard.