Construx Takes Aim at Product Leadership and Innovation


Bellevue, WA - January 27, 2012 -- Construx Software is pleased to announce that Bob Webber has joined the Construx Team. Mr. Webber brings experience that spans product development, product management and executive leadership in large organizations like GTE and AT&T, as well as successful startup companies.  His insight has shaped a new set of Construx practices under the banner of 360° Product Introduction™ that fuses four critical elements of great products - marketing, technology, stakeholder value, and product design.  360° Product Introduction bridges traditional boundaries between product management and product development leading to greater collaboration and innovation.The pace of technology introduction is accelerating.  This rapid pace of innovation stretches traditional product introduction processes and creates “practice gaps” between business and technical staffs. Successful companies in the future will address this challenge by adopting practices that promote collaboration to blend new technology alternatives with sound market insight. Mr. Webber noted: “Companies that can’t bridge this gap risk being bypassed by others that can focus their product management and product development energy on a shared product vision”.

Steve McConnell, Construx CEO, stated: “Creating innovative products is the life blood of successful companies. CEOs want to know that their product and development groups are aligned to ensure that they remain competitive in the marketplace. 360° Product Introduction™ can help them do that.”

For additional information, please read our white paper Bridging the Product Introduction Gap and see our latest seminar, Product Leadership and Innovation.

About Bob Webber  Mr. Webber is a Senior Fellow at Construx with over 30 years of software experience delivering innovative products in telecommunications, entertainment and life sciences.  Bob’s roles have ranged from software developer to executive R&D positions at GTE and AT&T, followed by engineering and product management leadership at three successful start-up companies. Bob’s record of innovation is supported by five US patents and an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award in 1999.  As CEO, Bob led TranSenda to win Microsoft’s Life Sciences Innovation Award in Clinical Development in 2009, and successful acquisition in 2010.

About Construx  Best-selling author and thought leader, Steve McConnell, founded Construx Software in 1996 to help companies apply proven best practices to their software development for greater productivity and success. Construx is the market leader in software development best practices training and consulting. Major clients include Intel, NetApp, Shell, Lowe’s, Cisco, and AstraZeneca. More information about Construx can be found at



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