Construx Estimate

Construx Estimate helps improve your software estimation capabilities. Estimate leverages a blend of proven estimation models to predict effort, budget, and schedule for your project based on size estimates. Estimate comes calibrated with industry data, but is most powerful when calibrated with your organization's data. As part of our mission to advance the art and science of commercial software engineering, we provide Construx Estimate™ version 2.0 for free download with a limited license.

Sophisticated Modeling

Estimate utilizes Monte Carlo simulation with 2 powerful estimation models (Putnam Model and COCOMO) to model the cone of uncertainty.

Historical Data Calibration

Achieve pin-point estimation accuracy by calibrating Estimate with projects from your own organization and project teams.

Industry Data

If you don't have historical data for your project, use Estimate to develop rough estimates based on industry performance data for different types of applications.

GUI Project Estimation

You can create estimates very early in a project by counting the number of dialog boxes, reports, graphical outputs, and so on.

Function Point and Lines of Code

Estimate supports direct entry of both Function Points and Lines of Code to create detailed effort and schedule estimates.

Multi-module Estimation

Create size estimates for multiple modules within a project -- modules written in different languages, that are built by separate teams, or that are broken into separate subsystems or components.


Estimate contains 19 reports that describe your estimate in detail. Explain your estimate to your management, clients, or teammates.

Constraints and Priorities

Estimate allows you to enter constraints on cost, schedule, peak staff, and maximum effort allowed. You can also set relative priorities for cost, schedule, peak staff, and maximum effort.