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17 Theses on Software Estimation (Expanded)

This post is part of an ongoing discussion with Ron Jeffries, which originated from some comments I made about #NoEstimates. You can read my original "17 Theses on Software Estimation" post here. That post has been completely subsumed by this post if you want to just read this one. You can read Ron's response to my original 17 Theses article 

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Construx Executive Summit 2012

  A rare opportunity for top software executives to compare software development challenges and solutions with a highly select group of executive peers, hosted by Steve McConnell with software thought leaders Mike Cohn, Stuart Crabb, David Anderson, Karl Wiegers, John Clifford, and others. Space is Limited--Register...

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Construx Executive Summit 2011: Software Thought Leaders

Our 2011 Software Executive Summit registration is now open. We have an early bird registration special of $1000 off through August 15. Register today! Our speaker focus this year is Software Thought Leaders, and once again we have an amazing lineup. We have the father of evolutionary development (Tom Gilb), inventor of the wiki (Ward Cunningham), creator of the CMM and People CMM (Bill Curtis), creator of the 4+1 architecture view and RUP (Philippe...

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10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation: Free Webinar

I’ll be giving a free webinar on the 10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation on April 28, 2011 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Here’s a link to sign up for it: Here’s the overview: The average project overruns its budget and schedule estimates by 50-80...

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New Software Estimation Survey

I’m working with Ryan Nelson and Mike Morris at University of Virginia to conduct a new survey of software estimation in practice. If you can take just a few minutes to answer some survey questions, this will help us get an update on the kinds of estimation practices people are actually using today. Here’s the link to the survey: Thanks for your participation....

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Innovate Or Execute?

"We want our employees to be more innovative." Where have you heard that one before? Why are more and more employers wanting their staff to become innovative? Have our brains been stuck in the day-to-day muck for too long? Do we just need to innovate ourselves into greatness? I don't think so and I don't think employers really want us all to innovate. You see, to innovate means to disrupt the current status quo. It means to take a chance on something we haven't done before,...

  1. Posted on February 21, 2011 2:18:PM by Earl Beede to Practicing Earl
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Technical Debt Webinar Recording is Now Available

View it here (free membership required to view). Webinar - Managing Technical Debt "Technical Debt" refers to delayed technical work that is incurred when technical short cuts are taken, usually in pursuit of calendar-driven software schedules. Technical debt is inherently neither good nor bad: Just like financial debt, some technical debts can serve valuable business purposes. Other technical debts are...

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2011 Executive Discussion Topics Announced

Here are the ECSE group's Discussion topics for 2011: January Job Market 2011: Compensation, Recruiting, and Retention Issues February Organizational Structures March

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10x Productivity Myths: Where’s the 10x Difference in Compensation?

In response to my recent blog post on the research support for 10x productivity differences among programmers, Pete McBreen made the following comment: "One point in his article that McConnell did not address--programmer compensation does not vary accordingly. This...

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Origins of 10X – How Valid is the Underlying Research?

I recently contributed a chapter to Making Software (Oram and Wilson, eds., O'Reilly, 2011). The purpose of this edited collection of essays is to pull together research-based writing on software engineering. In essence, the purpose is to say, "What do we really know (quantitatively based), and what do we only kind of think we know (subjectively based)?" My chapter, "What Does 10X Mean" is an edited version of my 2008 blog entry "

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