Additional Reviews of Scrum Boot Camp

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"Brings theory and best practices that I needed while already being part of a working scrum team."  -- Noelle Young, Starbucks

"A very good intro that cleared up several misconceptions about agile scrum. I'm eager to try out these principles."  -- Justin Polidora, Zoll Medical

"John's experience in software development was a significant aspect to this training. Great job!"  -- Barney Farrell, Towers Watson

"Most valuable - Finally getting my peers in front of John."  -- Ken Goodman, Towers Watson

"Alex did a great job advocating Scrum without preaching."  -- Bob Scharf, IDT (Integrated DNA)

"Most valuable? John's insight into Towers and DST and deep dive into making scrum work for us."  -- Tracy Walton, Towers Watson

"Alex is a phenomenally effective instructor. He radiates enthusiasm and confidence in his material. He clearly enjoys envangelizing and advocating for Scrum, and the way he engages the students shows it."  -- Kent Lottis, Inrix

"Most Valuable - Getting a clear picture of "By-the-Book" Scrum, and being able to contrast that with practice at my workplace."  -- Kent Lottis, Inrix

"Very accomodating to each person’s situation, especially for non-Scrum techniques."  -- Bryan Christensen, Wavetronix

"Great course. Jenny’s instruction/experience and engery was the most valuable."  -- Mike Leech, Spatial Dev

"Great class. Lots of interaction and encouragement to participate. Great lunches! Yea for ice cream!"  -- Paul Shumway, Wavetronix

"It was the glue that pieced together disparate knowledge accrued over my career."  -- Chris Scherer, Towers Watson

"The most valuable part was learning my role in the scrum team but also hearing from others in other roles in order to think in their shoes."  -- Zach Hayes, Integrated DNA Technologies

"Very valuable session. Extremely well conducted. Right amound of time on each topic. Instructor was able to address and provide really good answers/solutions to each and every question."  -- Rudrika Bhatt, Moody's

"Most Valuable: Adding short but practical group activities to complement the learning. It helped solidify the concepts."  -- Jason Wells, Starbucks

"Most valuable: Being able to deliver better, quicker, faster project to the business. I don't think any of it was not of value. Jenny has a great sense of humor and her examples and experience were very appreciated!"  -- Christina Phelan, Costco

"Gave me a lot to ponder. We will definitely have much discussion on how to improve."  -- Brian Hoerner, Avista

"One of the best professional trainings I have ever attended. I hope to return soon."  -- Eric Krause, Rohde & Schwarz

"I feel bad for other instructors in the business. John makes them look and sound so inadequate. "  -- Ken Goodman, Towers Watson

"John's instruction was fantastic, and the materials are very high quality. I'm excited to have them."  -- Eric Krause, Rohde & Schwarz

"Most Valuable: Learning what scrum is, how to implement it and scale it. I feel I can use this process in all future projects wherever I go."  -- John Cardwell, Starbucks

"Great use of incorporating examples specific to our organizational Agile integration!"  -- Alexander Mentele, Starbucks

"Jenny did a great job! I was a complete scrum skeptic prior to the class. Now I'm excited to give it another try."  -- Becky Zerr, Allegion

"Jenny is great/excellent facilitator and in-depth knowledge of Agile Scrum."  -- Ronald Pascural, Allegion

"The labs were great for me. I was able to see how to start implementing at work."  -- Paul Ziegenfelder, NMHG

"At Starbucks, we have slowly started working towards implementing scrum strictly. As a 2 member QA team; I am sometimes encouraged to be the lead. This session helped me to understand project at a higher level and improve my skills with planning and presenting a better end product."  -- Nayab Bhat, Starbucks

"Most Valuable: Learning scrum practice and techniques with my peers so we can be consistent across the organization. Jenny is a fantastic instructor!! Great at explaining topics! Great attitude, very experienced."  -- Karen Daugherty, Allegion

"Excellent class and super valuable as I prepare for my new role as Scrum Master!!"  -- Michael Sharp, Project Management Consultant, Strong-Bridge Consulting

"Workshop was awesome and labs helped in coming face to face with some of the things that we would see during implementation."  -- Sandipsinh Sagar, OTM Consultant, 

"Excellent instructor. Thorough and very appropriate content specific to our direction."  -- Warren Avila, QA Lead, Starbucks

"John was a very entertaining, engaging speaker -- great job!"  -- Thomas White, PMC Sierra

"Most Valuable: Having a good diversity of other participants who were willing to share their experiences and their questions. Instructor Alex was very responsive to the desires of the group while making sure we covered the depth of the material."  -- David Gustafson, Satori Software

"Great, easy to understand course. My team is already implementing the things we learned in our work!"  -- Darko Vidakovic, Nordeus

"Great, great class and job! Thank you. It was the most useful class taken in decades."  -- Bob Bolin, Shell

"This was my first formal introduction and clarification of roles and responsibilities and process steps. I found the training very valuable for me and my team. Great!"  -- Metin Gokdemir, Baker Hughes

"Excellent course! Love the Jenny humor; she is a great instructor who is fully in control. Can she be our scrum master?"  -- Raymond Pots, Baker Hughes

"Most Valuable: The knowledge, delivery and practical experience background of the instructor. I wish I had the presence of professionalism of the instructor, combined with command of the language and speaking skills. His knowledge of the subject matter was incredible. "  -- Tom Ricci, Peterson AFB

"Outstanding course! I now feel completely capable to have discussions around Scrum Methodolgies. "  -- Jan McLean, Cisco

"Most Valuable: Understanding the overall flow of scrum. Great course! Excellent, knowledgeable instructor."  -- Jonathan Brenner, Cisco

"Being able to fully understand the process that my organization has adopted. The instructor was well organized and a very good communicator."  -- Raymond Perry, Cisco

"John was great and kept the content flowing. I thought this was a great course."  -- Dave Lockwood, Microsoft

"The whole thing was fantastic."  -- Sai Kodi, Microsoft

"Melvin was an awesome instructor. He paid emphasis on clearing our doubts and his explanation was supported by examples. Five stars."  -- Jyoti Raj, Sr. Developer, Starbucks

"The launch of our department-wide scrum implementation is going extremely well and I credit the training from Construx as a significant factor. "  -- Neal Herman, BD

"Melvin is an excellent instructor. He clearly and concisely delivered an incredible amount of information. He is articulate and patient. I enjoyed being in his class very much."  -- Megan Suggs, Alere Wellbeing

"Best professional development class I have attended. Well prepared."  -- Scott Mertz, Intermec

"Jennifer is a fantastic instructor."  -- David Brunelle, Starbucks

"Outstanding, inspiring seminar. Thank you!!"  -- Todd DeMelle, Turbine

"I liked your style of instruction, you're personable and entertaining. I usually find myself struggling to stay awake in training. Not this time!"  -- Cliff Osborn, American Quarter Horse Association

"Great class, great facilities, will recommend."  -- Terry Gemmell, Jr., Outerwall

"Great seminar, I can't believe how many different concepts it tied together."  -- Tyler Tricker, Rohde & Schwarz

"Course content was great, but instructor made it interesting and relevant."  -- Heidi Hanisco, Therapeutic Research Center

"Very informative and I hope to be able to be on a Scrum team and use all the knowledge I learned."  -- Judy Casey, American Quarter Horse Association

"You are an excellent presenter and I enjoyed the seminar immensely. Thanks for everything."  -- Warren Oldham, American Quarter Horse Association

"I really appreciated that the content was geared to our organization and we were allowed to discuss our challenges and issues. The instructor was very engaging! He kept my interest the whole time and is the perfect combination of expert, geek, and comedian."  -- Heidi Shea, Newmarket International

"Earl was awesome!!! Loved that he made it real for us by using real NI examples."  -- John Heimann, Newmarket International

"I learned a lot more from your course than I did from my Certified Scrum Master class!"  -- Sivapriya Mohan , Microsoft

"John is an excellent instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable on the topic [Scrum] and presents it in such an accessible manner."  -- Susan James, 

"Everything was valuable to me."  -- Jerry Debner, 

"Great class!"  -- Juan Hernandez, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

"John was a great instructor, very lively, extremely knowledgeable, and very impressive. I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned to my future projects."  -- Mike Bechstein, Flint Hills Natural Resources

"The course gave a helpful high-level overview of Scrum before drilling back down into the specific components, sprinkling in implementation hints along the way. I needed all three.  The best practices/lessons learned elsewhere were especially helpful."  -- Chris Maddocks, TMW Systems 

"Most Valuable: Really  getting an in depth understand of Scrum in a easily understandable manner.  Really feel I can take this course and start to implement."  -- Joshua Duford, AAM

"Well Worth the Time!"  -- Tim Pelletier, Newmarket International

"Great instruction. Good coverage of Scrum model and group immersion. Practical expreience in helping us successfully adopt Scrum."  -- Tim Reynolds, Reynolds Geospatial LLC

"Very impressed with knowledge, coverage, and exposure"  -- Vagelie Karatzas, Avista

"Earl did a great job covering the grey area (non-prescriptive) of scrum; although was basic in knowledge he gave a lot of value talking about other aspects"  -- Jeff Baltzell, Avista

"Great course! Instructor was interesting, funny, and informative."  -- Jeff Galpin, Avista

"I liked that you have a very realistic approach to a lot of these methods. As a recent grad, I just took a class very similar to this, but my professor was purely academic. Your view was much more useful to me."  -- Jeremy Nash, Seagate Technology

"Great instructor. Helped me see exactly where and when to use Scrum."  -- Haritha Gadder, Intel

"Jerry did a good job of balancing my  needs and the class objectives."  -- Rebecca Bruick, Program Manager, Intel

"Provided clear understanding of Scrum."  -- Oleg Verge, Intel