How do you maximize team productivity? Decades of research have found at least a ten-fold “10x” difference in productivity and quality between the best teams and the worst. Discover the 8 Key Principles of 10x Software Development and how the most effective teams utilize them. Gain a deeper understanding of the factors that affect productivity, and avoid the productivity traps of “minus-x” engineering. Learn and apply critical techniques that will turn your team into a high performing, 10x Team.

This 3-day seminar includes:

  • Defining 10x
  • 10x Principle: Avoid Minus X Productivity
  • 10x Principle: Set Direction
  • 10x Principle: Attack Uncertainty
  • 10x Principle: Tailor Solution to the Problem
  • 10x Principle: Seek Ground Truth
  • 10x Principle: Make Decisions with Data
  • 10x Principle: Minimize Unintentional Rework
  • 10x Principle: Grow Capability
  • Leverage High Performance Teams

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Who Should Attend

Managers, Technical Leads, Quality Leads, Test Leads, Developers, Testers, and other software project stakeholders

Certification Information

18 PDU

PDU Reporting Instructions


All of our public classes are held at the Construx Training Center

Defining 10X

  • 10X differences in productivity and quality
  • 10X principles

10X Principle: Avoid Minus-X Engineering

  • Classic mistakes
  • Brute force quality
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Typical Minus-X Project
  • Your Minus-X Project

Basic Engineering

  • Mastery of fundamentals and excellent execution
  • Technical fundamentals
  • Technical management fundamentals
  • Quality fundamentals
  • Your organization's bare essentials

10X Principle: Seek Ground Truth

  • Daily build & smoke test
  • Project tracking
  • Communicating status
  • Root cause analysis
  • Change control–agile and plan driven
  • Gates and checkpoints
  • Evidence-based case study

10X Principle: Base Decisions on Data

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Measurement
  • Iteration and incrementalism
  • How much agility is enough?
  • Customer involvement
  • Power of interactive workshops

10X Principle: Tailor the Solution to the Problem

  • Streamlining work with intellectual phase profiles
  • Phase and activity variations
  • Life cycle models
  • Efficient information capture
  • Documents and digital cameras
  • Toolboxes

10X Principle: Set Direction

Project Direction

  • Project charter
  • Vision statements

10X Principle: Set Direction (cont.)

Feature Selection

  • Pareto analysis
  • T-Shirt sizing
  • Rolling wave planning
  • Product backlog

10X Principle: Attack Uncertainty

  • Responses to uncertainty
  • Risk management
  • Accurate estimates
  • Uncertainty and iteration

10X Principle: Minimize Unintentional Rework

  • Why would any rework be intentional?
  • Early defect detection
  • Defect removal rates for specific techniques
  • Comparison of iterative and sequential defect removal effectiveness
  • Formal inspections
  • Test first coding
  • Quality planning

10X Principle: Grow Capability

Enhance Individual Capability

  • Senior staff
  • Professional development
  • Recruiting and retention

Leverage High Performance Teams

  • Effect of team size
  • Team structures
  • Intact and ad hoc teams
  • Collaborative construction
  • Design standards, coding standards, and other standards

Productive Environment

  • Thinking space
  • Information sharing
  • Work environment (work hours, signing up, voluntary overtime)

Summary and Conclusions

  • 10X case studies

Steve Tockey

Steve Tockey is the Principal Consultant at Construx Software. During more than three and a half decades in the software industry, he has worked as a programmer, ...

Earl Beede

Earl Beede, CSDP is a Senior Fellow at Construx Software, where he designs and leads seminars and provides consulting services on early project-lifecycle practices, ...

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John Clifford is a Senior Fellow and Agile Practices Lead at Construx Software. John got his first software development job at a startup, while still in college, ...