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I'll be in New York City next week teaching "Software Estimation in Depth." This is an enjoyable class to teach. It has great lab exercises, and it's fun to see the lightbulbs going off in people's heads as they "get" the key concepts in software estimation. You can read more about the class here:

My company's also teaching several other classes in New York City next week (the only time in 2008 we'll be doing open-enrollment seminars on the east coast). Other classes are:

  • How to be Agile without Being Extreme
  • 10x Software Engineering
  • Requirements Boot Camp
  • Software Project Management Boot Camp
  • Design Boot Camp

You can read more about all these classes at

Here are more detailed summaries of these classes.

Software Estimation in Depth, March 24-25, 2008, Steve McConnell, Instructor Details

This course focuses on providing many useful rules of thumb and procedures for creating software estimates ("the art of estimation") and a brief introduction to mathematical approaches to creating software project estimates ("the science of estimation"). This course provides techniques for making sure estimation is treated as an analytical rather than a political process. It explains how to negotiate effectively with other project stakeholders (such as marketing, management and your clients) so that everyone wins. The course features extensive lab work to give you hands-on experience creating many different kinds of software estimates. This seminar will be taught by Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete, Rapid Development, and Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art.More >

How to be Agile Without Being Extreme, March 24-25, 2008, Jerry Deville, Instructor Details

Agile software development promises low overhead, high flexibility, and satisfied customers, but how do you separate the hype from the reality? Leading organizations have benefited from Agile development practices for many years. Learn how to select and deploy today’s most powerful Agile practices. Apply the essentials of Scrum, Extreme Programming, Crystal, Lean, and other Agile methods. This intensive seminar presents modern practices combined with decades of time-tested, low-risk methods–all with a track record of proven results. This seminar is based on Construx’s experience working with companies that have successfully deployed Agile practices--and our experiences with companies whose agile projects have failed. Extensive case studies and hands-on exercises will show you how to select and apply the particular Agile development techniques that are best for your specific projects.More >

10x Software Engineering, March 26-28, 2008, Matt Peloquin, Instructor Details

Decades of research have found at least a ten-fold “10x” difference in productivity and quality between the best developers and the worst–and between the best teams and the worst. Discover the 5 Key Principles of 10x Engineering and avoid the productivity traps of “minus-x” engineering. Practice critical techniques that will turn your team into a high performing, 10x Team. More >

Requirements Boot Camp, March 26-28, 2008, Earl Beede, Instructor Details

What is the most frequently reported cause of software project failure–regardless of project size or type of software? Requirements challenges. Discover how leading-edge companies use requirements engineering to support successful software projects. Learn the three purposes of requirements and how to distinguish between requirements fantasies and requirements reality. Practice practical techniques for exploring user needs, capturing requirements, controlling changes, and building highly satisfactory software.More >

Software Project Management Boot Camp, March 26-28, 2008, Jerry Deville, Instructor Details

Leading any project can be a challenge. Leading a software project can be even more challenging if you're new to project management or new to software. This seminar will help you make the transition to solid software project leadership. Software Project Management Boot Camp teaches you the concepts and techniques necessary to manage projects successfully. This seminar closely follows the Project Management Institute (PMI)® A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and shows how to apply these best practices to a typical small to medium sized software project. More >

Design Boot Camp,March 26-28, 2008, Steve Tockey, Instructor Details

Different designers will create designs that differ by at least a factor of 10 in the code volume produced. How do you invent simple, straightforward designs and avoid complex, error-prone designs? Understand the fundamental design principles that lead to high-quality designs requiring low implementation effort. Learn both Agile and traditional approaches to create great designs quickly and economically. More >


PMI and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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